Friday 17 June 2011

30x30 day 3 and a little adventure !

Top: Zara
Jeggins: Smart Set
Shoes: Seyshelles via Winners
Watch: Yes the Michael Kors again !
Necklace: Le Chateau
Sunnies: Ray Band

This morning, I was prepared to go the the mall to do a little "I'm going back to work in a month" shopping. After two pregnancy's in the past 4 years, let met tell you there's not a lot of my clothes that still fits. So I hopped in my car to find out, the AC doesn't work, and it's about a thousand degrees out there. So instead, I went to my car dealership (my car is only 2 years old, this shouldn't happend, right !)

Now I'm off to paint my nails this lovely color I picked at the drugstore yesterday (the color is Turquoise & caicos from Essie). I think my nails should always look like some kind of ice cream color in the summer.
What is your favorite nail polish color this summer ?

P.S. My pictures are improving don't you think !

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