Monday 20 June 2011

Vacations, vacations !

I've been back from Cuba for a week now and I already miss it. It's so beautiful there. Here are the highlights.

Lovely readers, here's husband, husband, readers. Now that the presentations are made, let's move on (he's an hottie don't you think !!!)

This is the resort where we were staying, with all the beautiful palm trees.

 We could hang out by the pool when it was to windy at the beach.

 Here is the lovely gardener that was getting me a coconut so I can drink from it.

 We took a little break from the beach to do a little flea market shopping

Oh yes, the best part of Cuba is definitely the beach !

 And at night it was showtime with the beautiful cuban dancers.

And even if we didn't get out of the resort much (since the point of these vacations was to relax), we got to see the villages near by on the bus tour on our way to the airport to get back home.

So here you go, a little taste of my vacations. Next time, we promise ourself to bring the kids, but even if I missed them a lot, it was good to spend time on our own.

P.S.  Once again I want to thank Ramsey and Cee for guest blogging.

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