Tuesday 7 May 2013

Birthday wishlist

Birthday wishlist


I love the month of may, because when it comes to birthday, I always get super excited. And this weekend is mother's day, and next weekend is my actual birthday, yeah ! Even if this year what I really want is to find a new house so I can finally concentrate on packing and moving my little family to a new home (closer to my older son's school), I decided I should indulge in a little materialism.

Lets talk about that scarf... obsessed !!! I love Theodora and Callum's scarves, they are my favorites. I bought one last year as a bday gift to myself (worn HERE and HERE) and I think I might just make it a tradition. They are huge in size, but still lightweight and can be tied in so many different ways !

As for those flats from Tieks, I heard that they are the most comfortable ever, and I do need to get some comfy flats. I take the commute to work everyday and I walk a lot. My go-to flats are ruined to a point of no return (I've worn them until they were holes in the soles, it's not even funny !) and they are discontinued. Now I just need to pick a color !!! So tell me do, you have/love them ?


  1. Great b-day wishlist! I hope you get it all!


  2. Happy Birthday! That skirt is perfect for summer.
    Blush & Blossoms

  3. great list,love the bag, really pretty ;) you have a new follower, folow back, if you like! kiss andy

  4. So lucky to have Mother's Day and your bday so close together! I hope you get plenty of stylish gifts - I know I'd like everything on your list!

  5. Yay Happy Birthday and Mother's Day! Love that bag, too!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  6. That's great bday wish list. Hope you had a fabulous MOther's Day!!!!