Friday 22 July 2011

What's in your bag ?

Usually on friday, I have a FBFF post for you guys, but since we only have questions every other weeks now, I did something a little different. I trew an idea at my blogger friends, ask them if thet would show me what's in their purse, and they said yes ! I love that it's an unusual to know peoples.

Now I'm ready to spill out my secrets.

Purse: Co-Lab via Feet First

That purse is my current favorite for summer. It's roomy, have a crossbody strap, a lot of pockets and goes with everything. It's important that my everyday bag is big enough for me to carry my day planner (and pens, of course). I write everything down, appointements for the whole family, events with family and friends, birthdays... they all rely on me ! I also never leave the house without my epipen (I have pretty serious allergies so it's a must, even when it comes to evening bag). And my keys !

Wallet: Fossil

I have a thing for Fossil's wallets. They are made of beautiful leather, they are affordable and of very good quality. Even my husband is sold, he will have nothing else ! Also Ray Band sunglasses (prescription of course), I Pod Touch (wich I can listen to in the car, the office and at home so I'm never without music) and my trusty Blackberry Bold (I love that phone !!!).

Nails: Sally Hansen Salon Effect in Electric Shock

Okay, this one is just an excuse to show you my new nail polish... and my beautiful boys ! Who need wallet pictures now that we have cell phones with built in cameras !

Finally, the beauty department. I am addicted to Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm. It feels fresh when we put it on (it's the mint part) and leave a pretty pink shade on the lips. I also love Sugar lips treatment with FPS 15, it leaves the lips soft and hydrated. The colored hues are a great alternative to lipstick or lipgloss. When I'm working (I'm still on maternity leave for an other week) I carry my favorite everyday lipstick wich is Coco Rouge Shine in Aventure. Studio Fix from MAC is my go to for unexpected complexion emergency (and last minute touch up).

And finally, some stuff to tame my hairs (including my travel brush from Sephora). I usually carry one sample hairspray bottle as well for emergencies including the hair (and to stop a run trough pantyhoses or tights!!!).

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  1. You carry a lot of stuff in your bag! I can leave the house with just a few items in my bag and for as long as I have my Blackberry phone with me. The Blackberry’s features and applications made me love it more than any other phone.

    -Kelly Brueggemann

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