Wednesday 20 July 2011

Closet series - Step 4: Shopping

Now that all the previous steps are done, I can finally go shopping. But let's not get carried away right this second.

I started by making a list using the knowledge I gained in the previous steps.

I set up a budget of how much I'm comfortable paying for all those things keeping in mind somes personnal shopping rules I learned over the years.
  • SAVE : On the fasionnable items that your gonna get tired of sooner than later and on the accessories that are a great way to spice up and elevate a look to the next level at a low price. I love Forever21 and H&M for those kind of pieces.
  • INVEST : On staple pieces, like a pair of neutral pants with a good fit, that you'll wear over and over, that can be remixed numerous times and are not gonna go out of style over the years
  • SPLURGE : Only when the budget is permitting and on special pieces that are gonna last years and years, like a great leather handbag, a great coat, a timeless silk scarf (you can see I tought about this one a lot !!!)
  • DONT SETTLE : Don't buy a piece only because it's unexpensive, don't pay for a piece that doesn't fit perfectly (unless it can be altered at a reasonnable cost, working with the clothes is totally okay and sometimes necessary) and don't spend on a piece that is just okay, you'll get tired of it too soon.
  • DONT FORGET TO REMIX: If you can't figure out at least 3 ways to wear an item, you're better off !
Before I headed to the store, I took a look around online to see what's out there and how much I can expect to pay for it. I usually prefer to buy in the actual store because I love to be able to try on the clothes first, but sometimes the selection and prices are better online, so I need to keep that in mind.

When shopping online, I always pay attention to
  • Sizing charts (and for this one it is good to know your mesurements)
  • Comments of users on the product: is it smaller than the average ? is the cut flattering ?
  • Shipping charges and the possibility of custom fees and taxes if the store is outside Canada, I want to know exacly how much I'm spending.
And finally, here are some tips to score big deals
  • Subscribe to the newsletter of your favorite stores so you'll be notified when there are sales, free shipping, etc.
  • Shop the sales (of course)
  • Susbcribe to private discount online stores like Beyond The Rack (if you need an invite grab one HERE).
  • Shop in outlet or discount stores
So here it is ! I started my shopping, crossed some things off my list (you don't have to buy all of them at once) and now have a closet with practical, beautiful and easy to remix pieces. It was a lot of work, but it was well worth it. Now all I have to do is get dressed ! And blog about it, of course.

P.S. Friday I'm hosting a "What's in your handbag" post. You're all invited to share what's in yours, what you never leave the house without and there will be a Mr Linky to leave a link to your blog post for everyone to read ! Let's spill our secrets girls !!!

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