Sunday 12 June 2011

I'm back !!!!!!!!

Vacations are officially over and I'm back to my blog. Thanks to all who came and visit my guest bloggers Ramsey and Cee (I still can't believe they said yes, love you girls !!!).

So here's what's the plan for the following weeks.

Kendi's 30x30 challenges is starting tomorrow and this time again I'm gonna be remixing some carefully picked pieces out of my closet. I added a tab under the banner where you're gonna be able to see all the outfits and pieces included in the challenge. I will update the page as I go.

You can also expect a vacation post with cute outfits and a little review from my trip to Cuba.

See you there !

P.S. I almost forgot to say hello to my new followers. I'm so glad you're here and thank you so much, your support means the world to me.

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