Wednesday 29 June 2011

Closet series- Step 1: The big clean up

I'm the kinda girl who never know what to wear with a full closet. Why ? Because it's full of clothes I don't wear ! Yes it's that simple. If when you open your closet and all you see it thing you won't wear (for whatever reason) you might miss out of all your closet potential.

Mine needed a complete overhall. Why ? Because in the last couple years, I've had two pregnancys (and yes baby's), my size got up and down as a result, and I've never really got rid of clothes (you know, just in case). When I started my maternity leave, 11 month agp, I put all my clothes in storage. In a month I'm going back to work and want a fresh start, a professionnal yet stylish wardrobe, all on a budget.

First let me tell you that Kendi did a fabulous series on how to create a workable closet (read it HERE ) and this series is inspired by hers. But I changed it up to fit my needs, switched some steps, added some... so what you will read here it my quest for my stylish and workable closet. So please read Kendi's posts, and mine, and take away what works best for you !

First I got all my clothes in one place (my bed) . I suggest (if you want to do this yourself), to get into clothes you can easily get off (tank top and leggins for me) and be ready for some serious dessing and undressing (a full lenght mirror might help too).

Then I sorted the clothes into 5 piles:
  1. To keep
  2. To tailor
  3. To give away
  4. To sell
  5. To trow away
First I decide what to keep (keeping in mind that I will do a second clean up later, so a maybe goes in that pile). If it's damage, doesn't fit anymore and if I just don't want to wear it anymore, it goes.

There are some pieces that I kept but that needed to be tailored. As an example, I had two suits that I bought after my first son was born that are now too big. They are of good qualities, are in excellent conditions and are expensive pieces to buy back. Even if I spend 50$ at the tailor, it's still less expensive than to buy new ones. And let's face it, I'm a lawyer, I need suits !!!

What is not in good condition goes in the trash, and the rest, I gave away to charity (I actually gave 6 full garbage bags !!!). There are some pieces that I kept to sell (that will go in my closet sale soon, stay tuned). As an example, I have a beautiful BCBG dress I bought as a going away dress at my wedding, can't wear it anymore (there's tons of evidence of me wearing it) and it's stunning.

Next week, it will be organizing and remixing what's left in my closet (and doing a second clean up at the same time). After that I will be able to asses my needs (helped by some style inspiration). And finally, the fun part, I will go shopping, on a budget and with some important rules in mind.

And that's the road I will take to a work wardrobe that will be stylish and fun. Come back next wednesday for the next step !

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