Wednesday 15 August 2012

My DIY - Chain and lanyard bracelet

Since my first DIY is my all time most popular post I decided that it was really time to put up a new one. Hope you like it ! If you have any questions, ask in the comment section and will give you answers !

  1. For this you will need: Craft plastic lace, chain (I used some left over from an other project !!!), scissors, hot glue or lighter.
  2. Take a chain of desired lenght (I took a piece that was about the third of the size of the lenght of the bracelet, but you can use more or less, as you wish).Cut a piece of plastic lace that is about 3 times the size you want your bracelet to be, fold it in half and pull though the end of your chain.
  3. Take the left over plastic lace (the wider and thicker you want your bracelet to be, the more lace you're going to need, if undecided like I was, take the whole thing). Fold in half and put under the laces that you just looped through the chain.
  4. Now start the lanyard using the cobra stitch technique (wich is basically the same as a macrame knot). Since a video is worth a thousand words, follow the simple instructions of THIS YOU TUBES VIDEO.
  5. Stop about an inch from the desired lenght. 
  6. Pull the end of the middle lace pieces (the ones you're knotting around) through the other end of the chain and fold at the dsired lenght 
  7. Using tape, secure in place the end over the already knotted part of the lanyard
  8. Now you have your bracelet shape and size, continue knotting with the cobra stitch all the way to the end, over the laces you just folded (it will let the ends stay in place).
  9. At the end, turn your bracelet around over and start knotting in the same cobra stitch over the first one you created for more wideness and thickness
  10. That's what it should look like after a couple of knots ! as you go, you will also cover the ends of the 2 plastic laces that you were knotting around. Knot all the way to the end.
  11. If the bracelet is not thick or wide enough for you, repeat steps 9 and 10 (I did it once !!!)
  12. When you're all done, secure the two end with a double knot on the inside of the bracelet and either hot glue the knot or melt it with the lighter (careful not to burn the bracelet) so it's stays put forever !!!
And you are all done ! 

Have a nice day !


  1. Great DIY, I recently purchased a bracelet like that from Etsy. Good to know I can make it myself! :)

    xx Amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  2. I'm doing a post on this soon! Love the colors you chose, my fingers have been killing me from making so many of these!

  3. LOVE's so unexpected and original...and the bright cord looks great with the chain.

    <3 Cambria

    1. Thanks ! I wanted something neon, but I also made a white one !

  4. Really cool DIY :D

  5. what an awesome DIY idea, thanks for the how-tos! :D

    1. Thanks ! I f you decide to do it send me a link !

  6. Love your DIY! I've been wanting to try that type of braiding - it looks so cool!

    1. Thanks ! That's so easy and fun too ! Do try !