Wednesday 13 July 2011

Closet series - Step 3: Get inspired, and know what you need !!!

Now that I got rid of the clothes that I don't or won't wear, and that I organised all the remaining of my closet, comes the part where the magic begin.

As I initially told you in this series, the whole point of this process for me is to create a workable and stylish closet for work. Since I'm a lawyer, I need a professional wardrobe. When I go to court or meet clients, there's not much room for something super stylish, but when I stay at the office, I can have more fun with my clothes. Also, at the office, jeans and denim are only allowed on friday. That's what I need to keep in mind while assessing what I need, and want out of my closet.

After I made an inventory of what's left in my closet and look back at the notes I took last week (of the possible outfits made with the pieces already in there). I can already tell that:
  • I need pants other than jeans, one pair of black trouser won't do the trick
  • I don't need any kind of black skirts, 5 is enough !!! I didn't realised I had that much.
  • I have a lot of flowy tops that either looks great tucked in something high waisted (so I don't look like a block) or something tight (like skinny pants).
  • I don't have any button down left wich could be an issue
  • I need colorful tops (I have too much white, grey and black)
Next was so much fun. I have on my computer a file where I keep all my style inspiration pictures from bloggers, street style pictures, magazines and celeb. I tried to recreate some of the looks (or create inspired looks) with my current clothes, taking notes when I got an outfit I loved.

After that, I listed the pieces that were missing in my wardrobe to achieve the looks I like. But I had to keep in mind that I am on a budget and that the pieces I end up getting need to be versatiles

As an example, I love the look of a feminine skirt with a denim button up BUT, since denim is allowed only once a week and I'm currently on a budget, I might want to wait to get a denim button up and keep my money for a more useful item. Unless I can score one at a low sales price right now. Or try to get a button up that is still casual but not denim to get a similar feel.

After all that, I not only have a good idea of how versatile my clothes are and how I could wear them, but I also have a good idea of what pieces I need to complete my closet.

Next week is the final step to my closet overhaul, just in time as I'm getting back to work real soon. And I will share with you my shopping tips !!!

P.S. I will have an outfit post tomorrow, and friday, I will premiere my new hair style, thanks for those who voted and help me decide what to do !

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