Wednesday 6 July 2011

Closet series - Step 2: Organise and Remix

Now that I got rid of all the uncessary things in my closet begin the fun part.

Since there was still a lot of clothes in my closet at this point, I had a difficult time deciding what was ultimately going to work for me, how it would all come together in the end. So I decided I needed a fresh start. I have an hanging rack that I use to air dry my clothes, I put it in the hallway and put all my clothes on it. So my closet was completely empty at this point.

Then I shopped off the rack and the remixing begin. To gain a space back in my closet, a piece had to be versatile. I begin with bottoms and made different outfits with the tops, taking notes when I got a result I loved. If I made at least 3 outfits, it was in. And so I went.

Then in the rack the only things that were left, were the things I either don't feel like wearing anymore (those went) or special pieces like evening dresses, that I won't wear on a daily bases. Those went in the back of my closet, where I don't see them when getting dressed (so they don't distract, I'm easily distracted when getting dressed).

Then I organised my closet. In this department, I have a little OCD ! Everything is organised by type of garment, and then by color. Everything has to be easy to find in a minute, or less !!!

This is it for this week, nextweek  I will asses my needs (helped by some style inspiration). And finally, the fun part, I will go shopping, on a budget and with some important rules in mind.

Have a nice day !

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