Sunday 25 August 2013

Insta-lately - Souvenirs from Maine


 Pretty sings in Kennebunk Port

 Lovely store in Kennebunk Port

 Old Orchard beautiful ferris weel

A little bit of Maine to wear at home (The Ropes Maine bracelet)

My hubby and I decided to take the family for a little trip to Maine while we are waiting for the new house (if it all goes well we'll have the keys by the end of the week... eeeeek ! Excited !) We spend hours at the beach, I went a little bit overboard at the J Crew outlet and J Crew store (my hubby is the best, he didn't even comment on how much I spend !!!) and we had a great trip with the kids !

So here's a little bit of our trip via my instagram. You can follow me HERE !!!


  1. Love these photos! Looks like you had a blast! :)



  2. Miss you and i hope that you guys get the keys this week.