Friday 27 January 2012

[FBFF] New Trends

If you've been reading me for a while, you know all about FBFF. It was created by Katy of Modly Chic. It's a great group of bloggers who love to discuss fashion and beauty related topics. Once each month, there's a topic to discuss. There's also a board where you can ask your fellow bloggers questions so we can all interact together. It's great and feel free to drop by Katy's blog if you want to join !

1. With Fashion week just around the corner, we are all beginning to focus on the upcoming trends for fall. But what about the trends hitting stores now? What are you coveting?

(via J Crew)

Colored jeans ! I want a pair in every color ! I already have those green ones above (that I whore HERE). They are fun and easy to wear.

I actually realised after wearing them to work last week (and getting many comments on how amazing they were but how courageous I was for pulling them off) that I would have never bought them before I became a fashion blogger. It exended my fashion horizon farther from classic blue jeans and black pants.

2. How do you incorporate new trends into your wardrobe?

When it comes to brigh colors, I try to stick to classic shapes (like the skinny jeans above) or accessories, and try to keep the rest of the outfit simple.

Also, if something is really trendy (and I know for a fact that the next season it's gonna be gone for good the next season) I try to go for a less expensive piece (Forever21 is great for that !).

3. What trend are you seeing and not loving?

Socks in shoes ! I thinks it looks great on others, but don't think I could pull it off. On me, it looks like a little kid playing dress up !

4. Do you feel the pressure to constantly update your closet with the latest trends?

I do love trying new trends, but I don't feel any pressure to update my closet every season. I try the ones that appeal to me, and leave the rest for others.

5. Where do you find inspiration that takes the trend and makes it accessible to you and your personal taste?

For me, it's all about real peoples, wearing clothes in real life. That's why I love fashion bloggers and street style's blogs so much. I get inspired to take the runway trends and make them wearable.

That's it guys ! Have a nice friday !

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