Saturday 12 November 2011

Real deal... or steal !

I love Rebecca Minkoff. I've been wanting one of her cute purses for a while. But with the holiday's coming (and all the gifts to buy) I just can't affort one of her beauties right now. And while shopping the other day, I found some cute alternatives.

The real deal... by Rebecca Minkoff ?
(via Shopbop)
Or the steal... by Forever 21 ?
(via Forever 21)

And for the purses... The real deal... again by Rebecca Minkoff

And the steals... by Aldo
(via Aldo)
(via Aldo)

So what do you think ?

P.S. I decided to save on the bracelet... and might wait for the real thing for the purse, but isn't it fun to know you can achieve any style at any price... if you take the time to look around !

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