Thursday 11 August 2011

Friends friday link party - Nails to DIY !!!

This weeks link party is hosted by Miss Rockwell of Lifetimes of the Thrifty and Shameless. And it's all about nails ! Head over there to see everyone's nail art and DIY !

I'm a busy busy working mom (sorry for the lack of posts this week, I'll get the hang of my new working schedule !!!) and most times I don't have time to wait for nail polish to dry. That's why I love those new nail polish strips. I used the ones by Sally Hansen. But if you do, they tend to dry the nails a little, so put a protective base coat under it !

This weekend I'm celebrating my son's first birthday, so it's gonna be lots of fun, and I plan to wear a cute outfit for the occasion !

Have a nice weekend !

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