Friday 8 July 2011

Friday finds !

Sorry guys for the lack of outfit post this week, I've been busy all week and haven't got around taking pictures. But not to worry, I'll have my take on what to wear to a rock concert next week, since I'm going to see U2 tomorrow (I'm doing an happy dance right now, wish you could see it !!!).

But I got some shopping done this week, and I decided to share with you guys.

First, these are the best pants in the history of pants. I tought I would never find the perfect pair of skinny, not denim, black pants for work, but Gap proved me wrong !!!

They are comfortables, don't wrinkle, fit like heaven and comes in petite lenght (as well as regular and tall, but I'm 5'2 so petite it was for me !).

Also, one of my favorite trend this year is staking bracelet (along with my Michael Kors rose gold watch I got for my b day !!!). I found some amazing ones (at a reasonable price) at Fossil.

(all pictures via - click on the picture to shop)

I finally took the first one, but promised myself to go back for more once I have a shopping budget again. They also have the prettiest watches and purses !!!

And finally, my new favorite beauty product.

I have an acne prone skin so I am really afraid of fondations (I don't want to make things worse). But I do have some redness and some occasionnal pimples to cover and this product is amazing. It's lightweight (I feel like I'm wearing nothing), covers great and has acne fighting ingredients in, all for a reasonable price.

So that's it for now, I will go back to family fun in the sun and will be back next week with load of outfit posts, step 3 in my closet tansformation and other fun stuff too !

Have a very nice weekend !

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