Monday 6 June 2011

Guest blogger - Ramsey from Love, Ramsey

Today were talking to one of my favorite bloggers, Ramsey from Love, Ramsey. She's been nice enough to answer some questions to get to know her better.

Hey y'all!

My name is Ramsey, from Love, Ramsey.  Sounds repetitive, no?  Anywho, I am a North Florida native living in the deep South where it is NICE and hot this time of year.  And by Nice and hot, I mean fry an egg on the concrete in June hot.  Aren't ya jealous!?

Why did you start blogging ?

My blog started out as a little craft blog a long, long time ago.  Well not that long, but you get it.  And then it went into a period of hiatus for awhile because I had NO time for crafting.  And thhheeen it evolved again but this time as a fashion/life {but mostly life} blog called Love, Ramsey.  And we're pretty happy right here.
How would you describe your style:  I would say my style is pretty classic with a little fun juice thrown into the mix.  Dusty {boy} calls it "go-juice" and I think that would be an aptly descriptive term.
What is your favorite spring trend ?

The fedora.  It is perfect for hiding second or third day hair.  Not that I don't wash and style my hair everyday.  Because that would be wrong.  But hypothetically, if I didn't, the fedora would be perfect for covering this up.   I definitely don't know this because I wear one all weekend every weekend when my lazy hits and I just don't style my hair.  Nope.  Not me.

What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe ?

Denim button-up.  It's versitile.  I would wear it to work or for working in the yard.  To the farmer's market or a partaaay.  On a bus or on a train.  Wait, that's green eggs and ham.  But really, I love this guy.  And I love that it's blue.  So that's a nice plus.

If money was no object, what would you buy?

I would buy my entire wardrobe from J.Crew and probably wear nothing else for the rest of forever.  I seriously have to keep a cloth by my computer to wipe the drool away after looking at their site.  Gross much?

Best fashion moment

I'm not sure.  It's hard to judge myself on that one.  Some days ya just feel like ya got it, you know?  More than other days.  I love when I feel comfortable and like I look good all wrapped up in one nice little package.  I guess you could say those days are my best fashion moment.

What is your best style advice

Dress you for you.  If you don't look good in skinny jeans and Ray Bans, wear wide-leg trousers and aviators.  If you would kill yourself in sky skraper heels, wear wedges.  You don't have to wear anything because someone else does.  You should feel good about you.  That's what really matters.  See question #6.  One thing I would say is invest in a few key pieces that make you feel gosh darn beautiful.  A nice little black dress, some good-fittin' jeans, and some killer pumps can go a long way in a wardrobe.  And make you feel like hott stuff!  'Cause you certainly are.

Where do you get your inspiration from ?

Blogs, catalogues, store windows.  The usual offenders, I suppose.  Sometimes, when I'm feeling uninspired, I go for an online virtual shopping spree.  Not to buy, but to re-evaluate what I already have.  That sounded sort of deep.  It wasn't, but it makes me feel a bit intellectual all the same.

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers ?

My favorites are constantly evolving, so it's hard to pin down a few.  I love just exploring different sites.  Everyone's style is so unique.  And I spend my fair share of time on design and home blogs as well.  Love me some interior decorating. 

If you could steal someone wardrobe, who would that be ?

In some ways, I would love a larger, better, prettier wardrobe.  In other ways, I think it is less about looking at what others have and more about making the most of what you have.  My wardrobe is certainly lacking in some areas, but I have pretty much everything that I need.  And I think it's a nice challenge to use what ya got in creative new ways.

What is your favorite beauty product ?

Burt's Bees chapstick.  I would probably die without this stuff.  Probably.  And Falsies mascara.  This is a magical little purple tube.  It. will.  Change your life.  They do not lie when they put falsies on the side.

What is your best beauty advice ?

Feel good about what you wear.  Be confident and smile.  If you feel beautiful, people will see you as beautiful. 

Thank you so much for inviting me to post!  Hope to see y'all again soon!

(all pictures via Love, Ramsey)

Go check out her fabulous blog HERE.

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